Wardrobe Consulting


Ability 2 Style

Your time is saved by me helping you! I heard this quote and love it. It seems that today we have multipliedour possessions, reduced our values, talk too much, listen too little, love to seldom, and hate too often. We now have learned how to make a living, but not a life. We are adding years to our lives, and not life to our years. Live, health, personal relationships, attidutde and style should be more rewarding then our professional lives. If we took time to invest in quality time, energy and focus on our lives, then you can add life to your years.

My Mission: I want to give you an improved and origal look from head to toe in accordance with your own personality, and lifestyle. I want to be the hours of the day to devote to your personal life and personal style. I work meticulously for you so you have more time to put towards a succesfull, fullfilling life. The information you acquire will create a lifelong understanding of how to add style to add to your personal power. When I am done, you will feel and look like you to fit your persoanlity. This is deffinitly worth the investment. Leave everything to me, so their is more time for you.

Personal style comes from within, It is time to bring it out.

Live well... look well... love well...


Personal Shopper

A personal Shopper will assist you with a level of attention and personal service beyond what a retail  associate would offer. I am a personal shopper who shops for you, for someone who doesn't have the time to or ability to go shopping. Look to me for exppertise and taste in picking out the just the right item for you or that special someone. Are you searching for that perfect gift for a client, employee, or loved one, or You! I have the ability to help you with that.

Wardrobe Consulting

A wardrobe Consultant will analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions. I will analyze and assess you closet. I can find what is hiding in your closet. I determine what garments are "Must Keeps" and "Must Go" items. I show you how to play down your problem areas, and maximize your strengths. You will learn how to create and balance an outfit for you. I teach you how to update your image. I teach you how to bring out self confidence. Learn what your body language is saying about you. Learn how to devise a great look, for a great price. You will end up with a personal transformation and life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal power. 

My thought

Clothes are a powerful non-verbal tool of communication. Choosing that right look can sometimes be difficult. Finding a salesperson willing to tell us the truth or for that matter a friend is rare. I think that has a lot to do with closets filled with clothes we shouldn't wear or won't wear, or are just fillers to make us think they are great items in our closet. We all have seen closets filled with clothes and see that personl say "I have nothing to wear". Or need just someone to organize our closet. Having a service with an unbiased professional will allow buying items that fit, suit the body type, personality, and have a great style. Have a professtional will enable you or that someone to assemble and maintain a wardrobe of timeless style, with organization.


Wardrobe Consulting: 3-4 hours $350.00 each additional hour is $50.00
Consulting: 1 hour $100.00
Closet Organizing: 1-5 hours minimum $100.00 and each additional hour $50.00
Personal Shopping/Consulting: minimum 1 hour $35.00 + 10% of items purchased

Wardrobe Consulting Information