I graduated top of my class from FIDM. A fashion school in Los Angeles, CA Quickly my  talents were recognized. I worked in many different fields of fashion. I started working at PR firm. My goals were to be a fashion stylist, so I had to move on to bigger and better. I worked as a assistant in wardrobe styling,  then working independent as a fashion stylest on sets of commercial shoots/magazines shoots in Los Angeles, CA. I wanted to know more about fashion, so I got a job in the fashion market as a REP in the New Mart. I worked till I wasn't learning anymore. Then worked in a local boutique for a year. Then it was time... I now was full of information to starting a business of my own. I was done with LA. I loved my 6 plus years but it was time to move on. I was heading up north. My goal was to open up my own clothing boutique called Ability. While I did everything I set my mind too, I still was searching for love. I then met my husband Joshua on eHarmony. It was love...I met him and knew he was the one, well we got engaged, so I sold my little dream store in a few months, and moved to Missouri and got married 7.7.7 in Chicago. After the wedding my husband Joshua and I decided to move back to California and open a second clothing boutique.  Joshua got a job teaching chemistry. I started back doing wardrobe consulting and personal shopping for people who need the extra help in their closets.  A few months later, We decided to start working in advertisement and started a guide/map for people to shop local. Your LIttle Guide. It has been a huge success and on top of all that I still have time to do a few remodels, and help others with their business ideas as a business consultant. I have many dreams ,and will try to continue making them all come true.